VR Helmets for Watching VR Porn

Virtual reality porn is a new type of entertainment that a lot of people enjoy. After virtual reality technology has been introduced to the world, porn vr studios have decided to adopt it for themselves. This turned out to be a huge success. Some porn studios even decided to change their strategy and therefore focused only on VR porn filming. When porn movies became available to the viewers on porn websites, the amount of virtual reality gadgets has increased dramatically. Also, more than 50% of users started buying year-long subscriptions to the porn websites that offered virtual reality porn, which is an unimaginable number for a usual porn site. read more

Psychological Factor of the Virtual Reality Porn

Virtual reality porn offers unique opportunities and experience to both virtual reality lovers and fans of porn. Due to the specific technology of shooting the sex videos, and special VR gadgets for watching it, the users are able to experience a highly realistic illusion of being inside the action, not witnessing it from the third party as it is done when watching usual porn.

The VR glasses and helmets provide a really high quality of image and sound, isolate the user from the random distractions that are present when watching simple porn on one’s laptop at home, like seeing the laptop, seeing the room around, hearing sounds from the street through the headphones, etc. All this creates such a great experience that the number of virtual reality video fans increases together with the amount of paid subscriptions bought at the porn websites that offer their users VR videos. read more

New Sex Fantasies in VR Porn

Virtual reality technology adopted for adult movies has become one of the major success stories in the development of virtual reality overall. Due to huge finances and huge demands for porn, especially VR porn, the studios managed to adopt the technology quite quickly, and provide their fans with numerous high-quality adult videos. The fans of both porn and VR technology are excited by this new kind of relaxation and entertainment.

Virtual reality porn offers a unique opportunity to the viewer. It allows to feel oneself in the middle of the action, instead of being just a witness. The illusion is so powerful and realistic that it even can cause some confusion and disorientation in the user. However, in the majority of cases, all users are excited. read more

How Porn Contributes To Development of the Innovations and Internet

Many people consider porn to be something indecent, unworthy of attention, and definitely not useful to the world in general. However, they are dead wrong. The reason why porn is actually extremely useful is not because it provides the available type of sexual entertainment and relaxation to most people who have access to the Internet, almost free of charge and in a safe environment.

One of the most striking benefits of porn is that it stimulates the development of technological innovations and also Internet/ How come? Easily. Since porn is so incredibly popular, and millions of people watch sex videos on numerous websites on a regular basis, these websites and porn studios actually make pretty huge money. Being popular, they want to keep their popularity and therefore do everything possible to support and adopt innovations that, for example, develop the Internet. So, if you really respect all the possibilities that the Internet gives you, you actually have to be thankful for video games, social net websites like Facebook, and porn. read more

How VR Porn Can Affect Family Relationships

Most people believe that watching porn by one of the partners, or even by both partners in a couple or family always influence the relationships between the two partners in a negative way. There are numerous researches conducted on this aspect, and there is a list of problems that can develop as a result of watching porn too often. This is especially true for men.

The most distressing problems that can arise from watching porn too often, or sometimes just from watching porn from time to time, is the inability of the partner to get aroused watching his or her real sex partner and interacting with him/her. This is caused by the fact that, when watching usual porn, the viewer watches it from the third party, as a witness to the situation, and not the participant. Eventually, that person can develop an inability to get sexual arousal if he or she is not watching other people having sex. This results in poor and low-quality sex interaction between the partners and eventually affects the relationships within the couple or family. read more