How VR Porn Can Affect Family Relationships

Most people believe that watching porn by one of the partners, or even by both partners in a couple or family always influence the relationships between the two partners in a negative way. There are numerous researches conducted on this aspect, and there is a list of problems that can develop as a result of watching porn too often. This is especially true for men.

The most distressing problems that can arise from watching porn too often, or sometimes just from watching porn from time to time, is the inability of the partner to get aroused watching his or her real sex partner and interacting with him/her. This is caused by the fact that, when watching usual porn, the viewer watches it from the third party, as a witness to the situation, and not the participant. Eventually, that person can develop an inability to get sexual arousal if he or she is not watching other people having sex. This results in poor and low-quality sex interaction between the partners and eventually affects the relationships within the couple or family. read more